A new generation of women, The “VandiKaters”!

Welcome “VandiKaters”

The new website is up and running! Hooray!
I am so exited to be sharing this journey with all of you and I’m sure this site will bring inspiration and joy to all women from across the world.
This page promotes the empowerment of women and is a place where we can engage and build one another up.
VandiKat caters to women from all backrounds, nations, sizes, styles and everything in between and is a platform where you can feel inspired.
I look forward to the projects we have to come and welcome all of you to the new generation of women, The “VandiKaters”.

Stay up to date with style, fashion, lifestyle, shopping and much more, all in one site.

Thank you for your support and loyalty and welcome to the launch of the new VandiKat brand.

With love,


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