Polished Looks – Nail Trends Summer 2018

Every good outfit is always made better with a clean manicure and freshly painted nails.

Today we will explore the latest nail trends and how you can be styling from head-to-toe (or should I say, finger) this season.

Turns out that the working girl will get a break with the simple yet elegant nails that are making summer headlines. Let’s see how.



First we will explore trending nail lengths and shapes.


– Short Nails

Short and Simple!

No more are the days of the bad girl claws and welcome back the natural lady with short and simple nails.
Girls with short nails mean business this season! Icons such as Blake Lively, Chiara Ferragni, Eva Longoria and pretty much most iconic fashion figures are all seen today sporting their classy short nails.
This style finally can include all women of all schedules and routines as it is the simplest manicure you can get and so easy to maintain yourself.
In terms of shape, it’really up to your prefrence and the natural shape of your nails.

Square inspired shapes

My personal prefrence is a slightly square shape on my nails.

A little further down we will explore the colours you can incorporate to this length but first there is one more length and shape worth mentioning.


– Oval Nails

Oval shaped nails

For a little length this season, oval nails are the way to go!
Keeping in line with a natural and elegant look, we can see why this trend will never die down.
Keep the length manageable and nails should be smooth along the edges. The more natural, the better!



Now we will explore the colours trending this Summer.


– Nude



As you can see it’s all about the natural girl! Nude and natural nails are the go-to today and can be seen everywhere. Just flip through your favourite fashion magazine or influencer and you will see the proof.
Short and nude nails are the number one nail trend this season and this means that the low maintenance involved will definitely give us a break! Yay!
You can easily tick your nails off your to do list in five minutes this Summer.


– Red

Red alert!

Ofcourse, nude could not be the only nail polish making heads turn this season.
We cannot forget a womans undying need to be the colour in this dull world. This is why red has always been, and will always be, an iconic classic!
This summer you are free to explore this dynamic palette and find your perfect red polish. Bright reds are the favourites right now, making its appearance versatile to any summer outfit.


– Soft Pink

The many shades of soft pink ♡

For a subtle yet polished look, go for a soft pink! It gives any manicure a lift and is incredibly versatile and natural. It’s a nice girly touch to any look.
There’s a range of colours here so there’s a pink for every skin tone and personality.
My soft pink of choice is light and sparkly.


– Pastels

Soft lilac

Pastels are not only making a hit on garments but on nails too!
Our favourite pastels are everywhere so why not put them on your nails? The selection is endless from purples to blues to oranges, this Summer will be colourful.
My favourite pastel polish at the moment is lilac and mint green. I just love how fresh and cute they look!


– Shimmer

Time to shine!

Every woman needs to sparkle, and that’s never going to change!
To add a sparkle to any look, add a little shimmer to your nails and let them do the rest.
You can put this over any colour or, even better, on a nude nail!
Again such an easy trend to follow for the busy lady and, better yet, the shimmer has a durability aspect keeping them shinning for longer before chipping off.


Soft Pink

I hope these trends will keep your look polished this summer and given you a low maintenance way to remain fabulous during the heat 🙂

Have a great day beauties and feel free to share your favourite summer nail looks ♡




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