Let the lips do the talking – Lipstick Trends 2018

It’s time to remember the impact your lips have on the fashion footprint of the world and how a simple thing, like the colour of your lips, can make a huge difference to your look and style.

Let’s review this seasons lipstick trends and then I will give you a few “need to know tips” for the average -girl-on-the-go and how to help you master these trends like a pro.


Bright palettes – Loleia

This season we will see everything bright and beautiful! With amazing summer palettes, the choise is endless! Bright lipstick can be used to compliment summer outfits or used as the stand out feature by making use of pop colour.

Let’s take a closer look at the bright colours taking the stage this summer.

– Red

Red and Blonde – ENF031

Classic red lips will never die and they mean business. Powerful woman around the world have chosen this lip colour to represent them in a fierce and iconic way.

Bright Red – Loleia

The colour variations whithin this category make it clear that there is a red for every skin tone and outfit. This summer the bright mail box red seems to be the go-to colour but do not be afraid to experiment with other reds such as deep maroons for a more dramatic look.

Dark Maroon

For a powerful image this season, go for red!

– Pink

Bright Pink

A woman’s best friend is always pink, and this season it will be no different. Shocking pinks have made heads turn with its vibrant yet classy look. This colour can compliment bright and deep coloured outfits. The brighter the pink, the bigger the statement!

Light Pink

Now sometimes our outfits speak so much for themselves that we need a softer colour on the lips to compliment them. For a natural yet girly image, choose from a variety of light pinks to bring out the princess in you!

– Orange

Bright Orange – JDurnham

I know what you are thinking, orange??? As strange as it  may sound, this vibrant colour has made its way to the summer favourite selections by complimenting outfits and the colours they have choose to focus on. Unfortunately, orange is a little harder to pull off especially on paler skin tones, like mine. But with that being said, the varieties offered are too endless and with a little effort and perseverance there is an orange lipstick for everyone.


Gloss on naked lips – Javiera de Aguirre

Gloss, gloss and more gloss! Lip gloss has never died and its not going to start now. This season the wet look has adapted in a more natural way with nude and basic under colours that are subtly complimented with a shine. What is so wonderful about this lipstick look is that its just so easy. Perfect for the girl-on-the-go.

Natural gloss – ENF031

Although matte is huge right now, a little gloss on any lipstick pallet can even out colours and add a glamorous touch to your make-up, so if all else fails…. GLOSS IT UP!


Pink Matte – ENF031

Matte has made it to the top of the lipstick charts this season. So many wonderful colours to choose from and what is so great about these matte lipsticks is that most of them are longer lasting and durable compared to the glossy finished colours. This means that we remain fabulous for much longer! Most colours come in a matte finish so your shouldn’t have a problem finding the perfect one for you. Below we have some tips for matting up any lipstick in your make-up drawer.


Gloss on nude base – ENF031

Natural looks will never die because natural is beautiful! Embracing the natural colour God has given our lips, we celebrate the trend of being all-natural! What’s so great about this colour is that it gives you the instant lift you need without overdoing it with the colours. Most of the time less is more and we need to consider this when nailing an outfit that really needs no more than just a natural touch to your make-up.


Stars like Angelina Jolie get it right every time with nude lips and shows us how glamorous you can look by just amplifying the beauty you already have. And like the lipgloss option, it’s just so darn easy!


Brown it!

Another earth tone that has made waves in the lipstick palettes brown. What is so nice about brown tones is that they look so natural and go with almost anything.
Every skin tone has a perfect brown tone for it. Some skin tones are pretty versatile but it’s always best to choose a brown that is only a few tones darker than your natural skin, unless you are going for a statement colour in which case, go crazy!


Deep Purple – ENF031

Finally one can never forget the effect of the wild card! I just love when creativity meets lipstick and creates an iconic feature to your look. The wild card ranges from all colours, textures and is anything that defeats the norm. These can usually be used as a pop effect but can also work really well if the wild card is used to compliment outfits such as a navy dress and navy lips. Gorgeous!

Messy Blue – ENF031

Finally a few tips regarding making good lipstick decisions. As you can see from the photos, I’m clearly no expert, but there are hacks that every girl should know.

Lip liner, our Saviour!

Lip Liner our Saviour!

Buy lip liner that matches your lipstick and use this as a liner and base. This will make sure your lipstick lasts longer and has a consistent colour all the way round. Sometimes, depending on the brand and colour, you can get away with using only a liner and a gloss. It still gives you long lasting colour faster but you may need to sacrifice some of the vibrant colour the lipstick would have added to this look.

Want to Matte it?

Have a beautiful colour? Wish it was matte? Well the solution is quite simple, blush! Yup, you heard right, adding blush of a similar tone and colour of your lipstick to your lips can instantly create that matte look you were going for. Just apply the blush, after you have applied the lipstick to your lips, and rub it in with your finger or a brush. There you have it!

Ragged look?

Feeling a little dry? – Julia Freeman-Woolpert

Lips looking a little sad? It’s possible they may need a little TLC. Hydration is super important for your lips. Exfoliation is just as important.

Home Remedies

There are many home remedies you can use, my favourite is sugar and honey. You can use a toobrush to lightly scrape the remaining skin if need be. Dont forget to hydrate extra after exfoliation and try exfoliate at night to allow time for the redness to disappear.

Be conscious.

Consider the furr-babies – ENF031

Unfortunately with all these beautiful choices of make -up, it does knock on us the reality that our beauty is not worth the pain and mistreat of others. Luckily for us, there are tons of products that are both affordable and of great quality which are not tested on animals. My favourites are Essence, Kiko, Kryolan, LUSH and Smashbox. There are genuinely hundreds of cruelty free products to choose from! For a in-depth list of cruelty free brands for all kinds of products and great ways to pursue a cruelry free journey, follow the link below:

Cruelty Free Kitty

What are your lipstick hacks and tricks? Let us know 🙂

Got any tricks up your sleeve? – Flavio Takemoto

We will explore more lipstick tips and tricks in future and ofcourse keep you updated on all the latest trends.

Have a beautiful day lovelies and please do share your lipstick looks for the day by either commenting, emailing or using the contact form on the contact page 🙂

Lots of love,



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