On the Road Again – Street Style.. and my Bike!

My new thing to do this Summer is looking frantic, yet attempting to be graceful, on my new bicycle!

Yip, I have embraced the spirit, put on my big girl panties and got on to this darn thing and, so far,… no major casualties.

Staying stylish in this new-found hobby of mine is a challenge, I wont lie, and based on the millions of bruises on my legs, not very pretty either!

I have my Street Style go-to’s for this activity, here are some basics that have helped me survive so far:

  • Stylish Head Band: Trying to keep your hair in order is the biggest fail while cycling in style. Forget the bang and the hairspray and opt for a cool head band to keep that hair in tact. Trust me, the last thing you want to be doing is a hair fix while on 2-wheels (That’s how bruise 567 happened.). A cool cap or hat will also do, I just can’t seem to get mine to stay on, haha.
  • Socks, Roll ‘em up!: I have a great handful of funky socks that not only save my ankles from the harsh hits on the foot pedal but also look super cool rolled up with shorts or three-quarters. 
  • How can I forget my Sneakers!: You can never have enough sneakers, especially the crazy ones! Bump up any sporty style with an incredibly wild and comfy pair of takkies.
  • When in doubt, sleeveless jackets are the way: Add a sleeveless jacket to your outfit to instantly add some layers and style. What’s great is that you will stay cool and can wear it over a crop top to add coverage but still get that breezy feel going on hot days.
  • Remember: accessories save any look!


Staying on the bike is an accomplishment enough, staying stylish on the bike is a whole other story!

How are you getting around town this Summer and how do you remain stylish while doing it?


Will keep you posted on how my biking adventures continue and how I am now the new and infamous safety hazard in town.


Have a Happy Day babies!





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