Eras – schmeras!

If you haven’t figured it out by now, everything you are wearing at this moment is a vital piece of clothing that has been evolved over time and really is a true story of the history of our world.

Call me over-dramatic, but you can see for yourself with a quick Google search, exactly how far your garment stretches back and how it has evolved from and with history.

From colours, cuts, patterns and styles, everything you wear represents an important time and era.

Take the Trenchcoat, for example. Thomas Burberry was manufacturing this timeless piece well before the start of WW1, and it was only after his mass production of it for the army with minor alterations (due to its amazing waterproof qualities) that made him his big bucks. But it was only untill the end of this dark time, that the community found this garment in the wardrobes of most of their husbands, fathers and brothers and adopted it as, well, pretty trendy! It now has become a timeless wardrobe basic that everyone recognizes and needs to own at least once before they die.

As a matter of fact, when you open up your wardrobe, you will see an endless ocean of moments in time and history that have somehow left their permanent mark in our modern society.

With that being said,

Today, I represent everything except for, well… Today.

Heres a little history lesson of how this outfit was born:


Yip, we have all had one (roughly at the age of 5), but definitely still a winner! Making their first debut in the 17th century in India, often made from very cheap and coarse material and commonly seen on farm workers and laborers, the dungarees had a rather rough start in life but it wasn’t there where their story would end.

1970, marked their major modern come back, with not only everything denim, but people from all angles rocking this cool garment right up until the late 90’s.

You will even find an iconic photo of Princess Diana herself captured wearing dungarees on occasions. This garment is definitely here to stay and something you could literally look good in your entire life.

** And, suitable for all ages 😉


This is certainly not a new garment and it has made its appearance in the wardrobes of most traditional cultures, from Asian heritages to the South American tribes, bandanas have been keeping hair our of faces for longer than you can imagine.

Making a huge comeback in the 80’s rock scene, holding the hair back of some of some of the world’s greatest stars, from Axl Rose to Keith Richards and Mick Jagger, the bandana adds the edgy and fun aspect to any look, as it always has.

A garment that remains unconfined by age, sex, scene, culture or religion, bandanas will continue to make their way through history and remain any foreheads best friend.


I loved them then, I love them now! This is every short girl’s dream. Total comfort, maximum height; what more could you ask for? Originally created to keep your feet away from infested streets during a time of famine, the platform slowly creeped its way up to the flashy statement shoe it was always ment to be.

Well, you probably remember the disco days of the of the late 60’s and early 70’s where everyone showed off their moves on a super high sole and brought these crazy shoes into fashion, an era the platforms will never forget! Men and women across the globe owned a pair of giant shoes that stood out for miles.

Fast-forward to the 90’s, Spice Girl Mania, they were back and every girl definitely had a pair of platforms and mimicked the songs of these incredible pop divas. As a shortie, I will always be on the side to keep these babies in style forever.

So next time, take a look at your wardrobe have  feel for the era you are naturally attracted to the most? Do you clothes have a deeper story than just a worn out mass production tale? They definitely do!

What is your era today?

Have a Happy Monday beauties.



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