Style Tip Tuesday – Short Girl Problems 101 – The illusion of Height

Being short is wonderful, in all its ways, but it certainly comes with some style challenges.

I stopped growing at age 13, and live the wonderful life of being asked for ID at all the clubs and is the person that doesn’t even bother using the top shelf in the kitchen cupboard as it really is a black hole where things go and never come back down.

With that being said, style and fashion, an industry focused on the marvelously tall and slim, it should still never be a problem for anyone, even us shorties!

So with that being said, today’s style tip is for you! No, not you, the other tiny one jumping up and down behind you, smelling arm-pits and drowning in the crowd… Yes, YOU!

Roll ‘em up!

One thing we learned in modeling is the one sure way to tell if someone is too small or too short for the garment, just look at the ankles.

Yip, that charming ankle scrunch we all get at the bottom of those great jeans is the dead give away that these pants are just a little ill-fitted. Not only that, the scrunch is totally unflattering and makes you look, well, even shorter and, dare I say it, bulky!

Now before you go and tailor up every pair of pants you own, rather just opt for a small roll-up to give the illusion of length by creating a small space between the hemline of the pants and the top of the shoe.

Photo by Matthew Henry 

Tip! To add even more length create a bigger gap between the top of the shoe and the pants line.

Avoid folding the pants too many times creating a huge and unflattering bulge at the end of the pants.

Photo by Samantha Hurley 

Of course, all pants have a limit on their folding, so listen to them, they know what they are talking about.


Stay tuned for more style tips for real humans by real people.

Happy Tuesday Hunnies!



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