VandiKat’ed – One Tired Jacket + One Ugly Dress = Yay Me!

I hardly ever see a garment I never wear as clothing wasted and worth chucking away. No, no. I first see what I can do to make a once outdated pice collecting spiderwebs at the back of my closet, to a magnificent favourite that I once again cannot live without. Except, on the second time, I love it so much more because I had something to do with it’s new-found brilliance.

With that being said, here’s what I have been getting up to in my spare time in the last few weeks.

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One Tired Jacket

This jacket was a $20 special that I just love.

It is really just what I like to call a useless show-off piece that is really great to look at but fulfills no actual purpose nevermind the one thing it was really created to do. In this case, keep you warm!

Yip this jacket does none of that. But it does, however, look really great and perfect for Spring and Fall. After some time, this poor soul has really just been sitting in my closet waiting for better days.


Lucky for you little jacket, your luck is about to change. 😉

One Ugly Dress

Sorry, I cut it up before I photographed it properly, haha.

Moving along..

Ag shame…

I bought this sucker on Amazon a few years ago, for like $10. I know a terrible mistake but a desperate one to keep cool on the tropical Sardinian island.

Anyway, the fabric is amazing for trimmings. So I did what any normal person would do to this dress…. I cut it up!

I mean look at that navy pattern…. EEEWW!

My new Favourite Useless Show-Off Piece!

A little hand stitching here and there and this is what I ended up with.

No lies, I love it!

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I used the dress strap to make the boning lines in the front and back. I also detailed the shoulder line.


I then covered the inner panels on the sleeves with the dress fabric and also covered the collar and waistband with the same fabric.

With the rest, I made a cute headscarf to go with it!

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And there we go.

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Just like our styles, sometimes our clothes just need a little update, or even sometimes an entire make-over, either way, this is a fun way to keep your wardrobe updated and personal.

Happy Thursday hunnies!



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