Mix and Match Mondays – Monochromatic Colour Scheme

Colour is a best friend in fashion if you know how to use it! So if you are feeling a little overwhelmed to step out the box, here is a more subtle way to use colour to complete your look.

Monochromatic Colour Schemes

What on earth?

Monochromatic colour schemes are colours of the same tone and shades put together. They can be lighter or darker variations of the same colour or shade and combined to create a harmonic look.

This can be done beautifully with variations of many shades of the same colors using bases such as browns, greens, reds, blues or yellows and creating a look that incorporates 80% of this colour in it.

The shades break the look up but the colour also unifies your it making each item look like it was made for each other.

Today I did it with the many variations of RED!

I kept the lighter red tones in the accessories and in the inner layer (the pants and shoes), while the darker red on the outer layer (the jacket).

I used black as my second tone and the one solid colour to tie all the reds in. This can be done with black or white, or you can opt for something a little more unique like a bold complementary colour.


For an even more dramatic look, ditch the second tone and go only for hues of your primary colour.

There you have it. One colour + a million different shades = One Harmonic Look!


Have a Happy Monday hunnies!



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