Top 5 Fashion Items to Gift this Christmas & Tips on Buying Them


Tis’ the season to be jolly, and you certainly know what this means… NEW CLOTHES!

We all love a mini wardrobe makeover, and it starts one small item at a time.

Photo by Sarah Pflug

Gifting a fashion item is not only super thoughtful when you get it right but it also puts you to the test in terms of knowing the other persons’ style and taste.


When you nail it, it’s a gift that shows the special other how well you really know them and how much thought and effort you put into their gift this year.


It does require a little more thought but, here are some safe bets you can count on to make that Christmas gift extra special.


Jewelry & Accessories

Rose Gold Matching Set – Photo by Sarah Pflug

Ok, so here’s an easy one. The options are endless for both women and men.

  • Necklaces,
  • Earrings,
  • Watches,
  • Sunglasses,
  • Cufflinks,
  • Hats,
  • Hair accessories,
  • Gloves,
  • Belts,
  • Ties,
  • You name it!

It really leaves it up to you to just get the right item that will suit the wearer opening this gift on Christmas day.

The bonus on this one is that, in most cases, you are let off the hook on sizing as there are tons of accessories that come with a “one size fits all” deal!

These also range in prices and are a great option for all Christmas budgets, if you know where to shop, that is.

If you are struggling to pin down the persons’ style and can’t find a perfect accessory match, go for simpler ranges and let the wearer dress it up as they wish (unless you’re dressing VandiKat, in which case, the wilder the better!).

Safe colours and styles are along the line of classic palettes (such as black, nude, tans and whites), and neutral fabrics (such as leather, suede, cotton and denim).

The great thing about accessories is you can also go for a statement item. No matter how “low-key” the wearer may be, a statement accessory is also a great option for a great gift this season. Patterns, bold colours and shine can all be great features of a divine accessory gift.

Matching Sunnies and Ring Set – Photo by Nicole De Khors

Just be sure you keep your eyes on the wearer, and still remember that it must be a piece they would be comfortable wearing. After all, you don’t want to gift this wonderful scarf that will be sitting in the back of the cupboard for years until slowly making its way to the thrift shop.



Handbags & Bags

Another item that lets you off the hook on sizing; handbags and bags.

A Classic Choice – Photo by Freepic

Great for both women and men, everyday use, travel, sport, really everyone needs one at some point in their lives.

Now it gets pretty easy when your father plays golf, or you have a backpacking sister, here the bag options are pretty obvious. But when it comes to selecting everyday handbags it can get a little tricky.

The rules are fairly simple and basically the same as with our accessories. You can choose to play it safe and go for classic colours, fabrics and styles, or select a statement piece.

A Statement Piece – Photo by Nicole De Khors

Another element you could consider is practicality and technology. There are tons of new innovative bags in the market that make it so hard not to upgrade that old handbag that so desperately wants to retire. With new anti-theft features, 2-in-1 handbag and rucksack convertible options, and even waterproof electrical rug sacks, it can get real fancy here!

Don’t forget you can even add a matching wallet or purse.

Classic and Practical – Photo by Nicole De Khors

Tip! Let the bag act as the stocking this year and fill it with tons of goodies, matching accessories and even garments.

This year I filled my handbags with a matching scarf and some lovely Italian treats.



Jackets & Coats

A Timeless Classic – Photo by Senivpetro

Now, if you know the person a little better, it can get really interesting.

This year coats and jackets are all over, so in and, everyone is needing an update! And what a better time to get one than the month leading up to January.

Here you will really need to be familiar with the wearer’s sizes as it could lead up to a minor disaster on Christmas day (always keep the tag 😉 ) but, if you have those down, here are some general coat and jacket buying rules:

Classic Coat – Photo by Senivpetro
  • Try to buy one size bigger but be sure it is only just one size bigger, you don’t want the person to drown in it either.
  • When in doubt, stick to neutral colours and trends – Black, tan, plaid, trench, denim, etc.
  • Choose looser fitting sleeves.
  • Pay attention to the cut of the coat/jacket (around the shoulders and waist) and the shape of the wearer.
  • A coat that sits just above the knee is flattering for most average height people.
  • Pockets are always great!
Classic Denim Jacket, a wardrobe “must” -Photo by Nicole De Khors



Perfume & Scents

Knowing a person’s smell definitely makes you a winner this season.

Whether gifting an already adored scent or suggesting a new one, a lovely smelling perfume in a pretty box is definitely a safe card to play.

This item is not exactly a fashion piece, but certainly compliments any look!

Photo by Sarah Pflug

If the person has had one smell for longer than you can remember it probably best to not steer away from that and go with what they love, but it can do no harm to suggest a new scent to a person who loves to experiment with new fragrances.

As a general rule, sweeter smells are usually for younger wearers and opt for stronger smells for more mature wearers. But, of course, there are always exceptions to the rule and it is always best to do your homework on your friend before going out on a hunch.

Try to keep in mind the wearers’ personality, style, smell and demeanor when selecting that perfect scent.

Photo by Sarah Pflug

If you are still stuck, another safe bet would be to opt for classics, like Chanel n.5.

Hint! Perfume goes really great with other smelly things too; creams, gels, bath scents, etc! Good “handbag stocking” filler too.



Personalized Items

Putting a personal touch on anything always makes a person feel special.

If your item is just not making the cut, opt to make it unique and add a personal touch to it.

Here are some great ways you can personalize your Fashion Gifts:

DIY to Customize Gifts and their Packaging – Background photo created by freepik –
  • Personalized and engraved jewelry and watches
  • Personalized shirts & sweaters
  • Customized bags
  • Customized denim
  • Named/Personalized keyrings and patches to be added to fashion items
  • Hand customized items – Get creative and add beads, gems, buttons, and a little love to items to make it unique and special
  • Personalized and handmade packaging and boxing for the gifted items
  • Handknitted and decorated items
Making your gifts and customizing them certainly puts you on the top of the “Nice List” this year – Photo by freepik

So what are the fashion safe havens on your shopping list this Christmas & what are you hoping Santa brings you this year?


Happy Christmas Shopping Everyone!




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