Top #10 Must-Have Hats this Season

“For every good mind deserves a marvelous hat.” – VK


This season is all about hats, some new and many old trends making their way back into style, but there is only one thing we know for sure, we are all “hatting it” this year!


With that being said, today I bring you the Top 10 Hat styles to add to your wardrobes this season.


#1 The Bucket Hat

Introduced in the 1900’s, we just cat get over them. From Fishermen’s gear to high-fashion, we all need a Bucket this year for both Summer and Winter looks.

Model and DJ Sita Abellan attends the Christian Dior Womenswear Spring/Summer 2020 show during the Paris Fashion Week in Paris, France, 24 September 2019. – Photo by Imagine China
Bucket Hat worn by Musician E.N.F.031


#2 Fedoras

Every fashionista has one nowadays and can be seen in almost every blog last year, Fedoras are here to stay!

Fedora Hat on the Dolce and Gabbana Milan Runway, February 2019
Neutral Fedora Style – Photo by senivpetro


#3 Brimmed Hats

Bowler Hats being the iconic known version of a brimmed hat, today we see them in all shapes and sizes including cool Panama styles!

Wide Brimmed Hats – Photo by senivpetro
Straw and Brimmed – Photo by freepik


#4 Staw Hats

A natural touch to any look, straw hats offer an endless variety and literally a style for any head. Summer isn’t really summer without one of these babies in your wardrobe.

Straw Hat – Photo by senivpetro
Summer Straw Hat – Photo by freepic.diller


#5 Extra-Wide Hats

Classic, sheek and classy, extra-wide hats, also ranging in styles, can turn any look into an elegant masterpiece (even if it is just your bathing suit!).

Wide Brimmed Hat – Photo by javi_indy
Design By Alexandra – Photo by ENF031


#6 Berets

Adopted by the military in the 1800’s, berets are an absolute classic worn by both men and women and really great for Winter wardrobes.

White Beret Hat – Photo by senivpetro
Red Beret Hat – Photo by Kireyonok_Yuliya


#7 Newsboy Hat

Historically a look associated with lower class and the local newsboy delivering the weekly paper, this hat has come a long way over the last 100 years.

Newsboy Cap – Photo by freepik
Newsboy Style Hat – Photo by Nicole De Khors


#8 Beanies & Toques

Another Winter essential, this year we see the old-school “poof’-ball” style everywhere adding a really cute touch to beanies all-round.

Beanie Time – Photo by HCN
“Poof Ball” Beanie – Photo by freepik


#9 Headscarves

Not quite a hat, but certainly still an essential and one practically everyone has in their wardrobe.

Head Scarf and Baseball Cap – Photographed by Natasha Adzi
VK Head Scarf – Photo by HCN


#10 Baseball Cap

Your dad owns one, your brother owns one, and your man certainly owns one too, time to do a little shopping in some familiar closets…

Baseball Style Cap – Prada Milan Runway – February 2019


And there you have it, your top #10 hats of the year, so far…


What are you Hatting this season?


To all the great minds out there, Happy Tuesday hunnies!



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