Blast from the past – Fashion Comebacks! – Round-Shaped Glasses

The fashion timeline is an interesting one to follow, and it won’t take you long to figure out that by now most styles are a spin-off or originating in some form of Classic Style Hit.

With the urgent efforts to reduce the carbon footprint the fashion industry has on this world, I find that in this day and age there is no better place to find your new trend for the season than in your own wardrobe!

So today we will embark on a new post series, the “Classic Fashion Comebacks” highlighting all the iconic trends that we are loving all over again in 2020 and the great stories behind them.

And that’s enough of my fancy introductions, let’s get on with the good stuff.


January’s blast from the past – Round Shaped Glasses

Photo by Godisable Jacob

The most standard and classic shape ever know to the glasses industry; round-shaped glasses is where the frame game all stared.

While the exact origins of glasses and spectacles are much debated, many can agree their existence being dated back all the way to the 12th centuries in both the Chinese and Roman empires. Back then used as a functional artifact alone, spectacles where documented to have been created to enable man to read fine manuscripts and scrolls back in the 12th and 13th centuries. Interestingly enough, sunglasses have had their fair share of historical appearances and dating back to a similar time where the Roman Emperor was said to have had worn this type of eyewear in which tinted glass protected his eyes from the glares of the sun.

Photo by asim alnamat

No matter where you find comfort in finding their origin, it is safe to say that both spectacles and sunglasses waited a long time to make their fashion debut.

Back in the 1910’s, sunglasses began to be produced for functional wear alone with the classic round shape being the only option for wearers. Glasses were also made very simply of metal or tortoiseshell materials.

Photo by Rafael Barros

It wasn’t until the late 1920’s, when Sam Foster mass-produced and sold sunglasses on the boardwalks of Jersey Shore to beachgoers, that the sunnies became a fashion hit! Everyone was then seen sporting a pair of round tinted glasses and even movie stars began adopting them into their everyday looks. The round-shape was an absolute hit and a total must for anyone living on the planet earth right up until the end of the ’40s, where the shape had remained intact but trends had led the round-shape to be decorated in every way imaginable, and mainly resembling crazy flowers.

The introduction of cat-eye shapes and the ever so famous Way Farers caused the round shapes shades to slowly fade away for a few decades and only making a small comeback again in the ’90s, but this time in either a classic shade of dark black or a tint of any color seen on the rainbow. The ’90s attempted to reinvent the round-shaped glasses but sadly in a very bad way and, as most things from that era, they didn’t last very long.

Photo by Arsham Haghani

Fast forward to 2020, and it’s an absolute wardrobe essential!

Iconic, Classic, Vintage, it’s very easy to see why this shape will always keep coming back in style and why its a style of sunnies you never need to get rid of.

Photo by Harshraj Gond

Time to dust those babies off.

Photo by Сергей Гладкий


My Favourite Vintage Specs, My Thrift Shop Winners!

Photo by HCN


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